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Hi, my name's bugdog and I'm a wally


Here's the shirt (with Russell in it, of course) that caused all the trouble.


My shirt looks nothing like this shirt. Really. The white stripes are much much smaller and it has little green stripes next to the little red ones. Nothing at all like this one.


I was watching Leno with Eric (my husband) before I left for work tonight. About five seconds after he saw the Shirt, Eric looked at me and said "Now I know why you bought that shirt." Yeah, I was busted. I told him that my blue, white and red flannel shirt was not the same as Russell's blue, white and red flannel shirt. Mine has some small green stripes, so it's totally different and the white stripes are small, not big. Then I tried the "I've been wearing plaid flannel shirts since I was 18. I needed a new one." And then I tried the "I bought it the day I got that root canal. I was wandering around the mall in a haze of drugs and pain and for some reason this shirt caught my attention. I didn't know why until just now??" Of course, he did not a single solitary bit of the bullshit I was throwing his way. What can I say? He had me cold. Lucky for me Eric has a sense of humor! He said I'm weird. I have a feeling I'll be hearing about it for probably the rest of my natural life. Yup, busted thanks to Jay Leno.

I wrote this it in the car on the way home from work that day.

Blue plaid flannel shirt

You wore it on Jay Leno

I got busted. Thanks.


heh heh. Nothing like crappy haiku to commemerate the moment!


Created on 12/9/00 - likely to be updated at any time... 'cause I'm always doing dumb ass crap like this.