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Congrats to our favorite Oscar winner!

(Oh, wait, that was last year.)

GO RUSS! Win another one!

(ah, much better - yes, I'm a lazy fan, but someone has to be.)

So what's all this then?

This is my other little corner of the internet. Yep, I had to have a Russell Crowe website. What makes my page stand out? Well, it's green. Oh, and it's the ONLY place you can find little Russell faces pasted on brussell sprouts.

I'm sure you're already wondering if I've lost my mind. Why, yes, I have, thank you for your concern. I saw it briefly in the gutter yesterday, but I can't find it at all today. If you do run across it, please drop it in the nearest mailbox. That worked really well the last time. That brain tattooing is really a modern wonder.

Here's what you'll find on these pages... I don't have as much time to update things as I'd like to have, but hey, you never know when something new is going to magically appear!

Right now, there's really only a tiny bit of original content here. I'm working on it, really... What I have got is a bunch of links to other people's things and that's just like content, right? If there's something you think I absolutely must have, something that no Russell Crowe fan site could possibly exist without, e-mail me at

You may recall that they took the other two people off the shift I was on making me by default the team leader. Well, now I'm the team leader as well as my point of escalation. Two phones, two pagers and a whole lot less work. I wonder how that last bit happened, but hey, I'm not complaining (much!)

You won't be seeing my fanfic on this site, it's on another site, heh heh. Take a look at my links page and I just bet you can find a like to it there. It's character driven fiction, so it's ok, really. I'm not crazy.

I got a guest book! Now you can tell me what you really think... Oh, and don't think I can't find you. Not that I would, you see. I have email to read and fan fic to write. No time to stalk people who don't like my page... that's right, no time for that sort of thing at at all.

Let me know you've been here - take a second or two to sign my guestbook!

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Yeah, I broke my counter on this last update, but I'm too damn tired to figure out how to fix it. So for now, figure anywhere from 3500 to 4000 people have visited (and only about 100 of those are me and my friends!) THANK YOU ALL!

Last updated on May 20, 2001 4:36

days 'til TOFOG in AUSTIN!!! (Actual date pending...)

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