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Here's a few links to get you started -

  • Maximum Crowe - The site has all the information, articles, news, rumors, photos, and ducks you could ever want. Did I say ducks? humm. I meant to say ducks.
  • 30 Odd Foot of Grunts - Yep, he's got a band and ya know what? They ROCK! Go here and check them out. I saw TOFOG live in Austin on August 18th, 2000. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen and I've got plans to go back this year.
  • Sisters of the Disorder - Nicki (the one who says *I'm* nutters and first told me I was a wally.) has built a convent. Say your Hail Russells and be forgiven...
  • - Not much there yet but a really nice flash animation and information about the surgery Russell had on his shoulder. You've just got to love anyone who puts up the scope photos of the inside of his shoulder!
  • Russell Crowe Eye Candy - For all your desktop needs. Icons, wallpaper, screensavers and more! It's Russellicious!
  • Russell Crowe Slide Show - This site is also home to the fan fic Gladiator Prequel that you may have heard about. I read it recently and I was very impressed. Impressed enough that I'm trying to get my husband read it and you'd better believe I don't want him to see most of the fan fic I read.
  • Russell Crowe Heaven - Yeah, my silly (former) coworker Casey laughed at me when I went to this site. He snickered about it for at least half an hour. Then he wandered around saying "russell russell" at me for the rest of the night. Guys just don't get it, do they?
  • Russell Crowe's Barbarian Horde - And you thought I was crazy...

Fan Fic

If ya don't like fan fiction, be warned that all of the following sites are full of fanfic. I happen to enjoy the hell out of it and am always looking for something new to read. If you like it too, send me your favorite RC fanfic link, and I'll get it listed. I think some of these sites may duplicate each other's efforts (some of the same stories might be listed), but they all have original content and that's something that can't be said for half the sites on the web.

  • The Beer Barn started as an offshoot of the Crowe's Nest but has evolved into a world of it's own. You can find a lot of the CN fic archived here (including all of my fic) and some new stuff as well!
  • Crowe Rated has some of the same stories that are up at the Beer Barn, but you may find something that you missed here.
  • Illuminated Russell Crowe - Yep, there's more than just fanfic here. Check it out.
  • The Whole Night Sky - this link is FIXED and it works! I really like this site and the fic found here.
  • After Dark - For all your X-Rated character fanfic needs (no my fic is not here, keep looking)


Winamp Skins

Yes, you need these. No, I did not make the first two, but I made all the rest. I've tried my hand at making a TOFOG t-shirt for my Sims to wear, but it sucked. I mean REALLY sucked. It sucked so bad that if you didn't know what it was, you'd never figure it out. These skins don't suck though and you need them... Ya know why? Because women use WinAMP too!


Misc. things

Here's some links to other things that play a big part in my life. This list could get long because I have way too much time to spend on the internet - it's what I do at work - and an alarming number of interests outside of this whole Russell Crowe fan thing.

  • Runepriest's Warhammer Gallery - My husband's website. Eric's an avid gamer and he collects RPG's. He hasn't got as much stuff up yet as he'd like to have up, but he's working on it!
  • bugdog's Police Stuff - I've had this site up in one form or another for about 5 years. It was the first web page I ever designed and I made most of the graphics myself, so I'm a little proud of it. Just a little.
  • Compaq Computer Corporation - where I work. What do I do? Tech support for Compaq employees and what they call Service Level Management. That means I make sure things get fixed, but only fix them myself about a third of the time. Great work if you can get it!
  • The Storm Prediction Center is one of my favorite weather sites. I am especially fond of their Convective Outlooks. I'd trust their forcast over just about anyone else's.
  • Earthquakes are kind of neat too.
  • Falkenstein Castle is located in Central Texas about an hour's drive away from Austin, near Longhorn Caverns. The area is one of my favorite places in the state and worth seeing even if you can't tour the castle.
  • Speaking of Longhorn Caverns, Eric and I were there around the first of May this year and it was beautiful. We took the cave tour and walked around the nature trails. Lots of bluebonnets! It was a great trip and I hope to have some of the pictures I took up on this site soon.
  • Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America - If you ever see me mention that my husband was in the hospital or was sick this last week, well it's probably because he's got something called Crohn's disease. The CCFA site has some great information about this chronic illness. It's a fairly evil disease that basically causes your body to regard your entire digestion system as an intruder. They don't have a cause or a cure. Eric's tried practically every treatment legally available here in the US, so if you or someone you know wants a first hand account of how it worked for him, drop me a line.
  • The Fortean Times is one of my favorite magazines (when I can find it). It's far better than those tabloids that waste space with crap about celebrities! This is pure Cryptozoology, alien abductions and other weird happenings. You just have to love this stuff!