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I'm from Austin originally and I now live in the big city of Houston. I do not like Houston and nothing anyone says will convince me that I like it here. Well, unless someone says "Hey, I'll give you a cool million if you say you like Houston." Any offers?

I took all these photos with my Olympus digital camera.

Click on the little picture to see the full size photo.

Driving North on Loop 360 - Headed for Lake Austin - 8/18/00

360 Bridge - 8/18/00

Lake Austin




Tom Miller Dam

Other side of the road

Westlake Hills




Headed downtown along my second favorite road

Ran into Dad when I was downtown 8/18/00



Here's one of my big silly dog Crash. He looks so happy!

And one picture from Houston just for good measure. This is the cooling tower at Transco (now Williams, I think) Tower.

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